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Have you ever wondered whether anyone would ever like you? Did you ever imagine anyone having an attraction towards you? Most probably you didn’t. Many of you might be thinking that no one would ever get attracted to you. Chances are, you might be wrong. You get so used to the facial features you possess that you don’t find anything special in yourself. But these same looks that you have, might be enchanting for someone who sees you for the first time.

The reason why you don’t find yourself perfect is that you look at yourself in a detailed way…

They make you feel confident about yourself.

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You meet someone. You get to know each other. You start talking with them with no expectations and suddenly get hooked to their charm. You want to talk with them every day. You crave their attention. You don’t know why you like spending time with them.

Days pass by and you’re still talking with them every day. They show interest in you. One fine day, you notice that you both have texted each other more than 100,000 messages on WhatsApp in 3 months. You both admit that you like each other. You think that they are your future and your…

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There is a popular belief among the educated class of society that the ancestors of human beings were chimpanzees. All literate people in the world know that chimpanzees are close cousins to the species that resembled human beings. It is believed that the ancestors of human beings evolved from chimpanzees and developed into a new species called the “homo sapiens”. This happened approximately 7 million years ago.

Over the years, it was seen that homo sapiens became much smarter than their ancestor species. Humans also became smarter than all the species that exist on this planet. …

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People all over the world expect many things from others. You expect your friends to always be helpful to you. You expect your parents to always be supportive of you. You expect your significant other to always be loyal to you. You expect your juniors to admire you. You expect your seniors to respect you.

However, the sad truth is, expectations hurt. More often than rarely, expectations are what lets you down. Sometimes, your expectations hurt you more than the deeds of other people. …

Are you in a toxic relationship?

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John was a young graduate working in a 9 to 5 job. He had a colleague named Inez who worked at the same office as him. She was his closest friend in the office. Both of them were hard-working employees. They often got bored following the usual routine in their office. For recreation, they attend parties and get-togethers with their friends. They feel like these events give them a break from their boring office lives. They always look forward to these events.

One day, Inez gave him some exciting news. She got two tickets to one of the most expensive…

How to forget the person who broke your heart.

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At some point in your life, you will meet someone who would mean the world to you. You would be wonderstruck by that person. You will gradually start getting addicted to them. Sometimes you will start wondering what’s so special about them. Yet you would never find out why. You would just keep thinking about them throughout the whole day.

You like everything about them. You get tired of many things but never of them. You try to enact many things about that special person. Their attitude, their way of talking, their small habits that you adore, and their gracefulness…

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There are two types of people in this world.

  1. Those who admit that they want to become rich
  2. Liars

Everybody wants to become rich in this world. However, not all of them succeed. This is because everyone can’t be rich in this world. If everyone was rich in this world, no one would actually be rich. Since everyone would be able to buy anything they want, the prices of products would increase. When the prices of products rise, the value of money decreases. You would have to buy something for more money which you previously could buy for less money.

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Maturity comes to people in a lot of ways. Some people reach maturity sooner while some people reach it late. However, maturity is not measured by age. Rather, it is an attitude built by experience. Wikipedia defines maturity as the ability to respond to the environment being aware of the correct time and location to behave and knowing when to act, according to the circumstances and the culture of the society one lives in.

People change a lot upon attaining maturity. They stop making excuses and start making changes. It is at this time they realize that they should stop…

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You meet a girl one day. She is pretty. You approach her and try to start a conversation with her. She starts talking with you. You both exchange numbers and start texting each other. Days pass by and you become close to each other.

You two are good friends now. You start getting fond of her. You find her charming. You want to talk with her every single day. You are attracted to her. You feel like she is the perfect girl to be your partner, your companion, and your best friend. You don’t want to be just “good friends”…

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We have all known since childhood that dividing any number by zero is not possible. The result we get after dividing by zero is not defined. But why is it so? Why can’t it be possible to divide by such a basic number like zero?

If you keep dividing any number by smaller numbers, the value of the result keeps increasing. For example,

20 ÷ 20 = 1

20 ÷ 10 = 2

20 ÷ 5 = 4

20 ÷ 1 = 20

20 ÷ 0.8 = 25

20 ÷ 0.5 = 40

20 ÷ 0.4 = 50

20 ÷…


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