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Have you ever wondered whether anyone would ever like you? Did you ever imagine anyone having an attraction towards you? Most probably you didn’t. Many of you might be thinking that no one would ever get attracted to you. Chances are, you might be wrong. You get so used to the facial features you possess that you don’t find anything special in yourself. But these same looks that you have, might be enchanting for someone who sees you for the first time.

The reason why you don’t find yourself perfect is that you look at yourself in a detailed way…

They make you feel confident about yourself.

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You meet someone. You get to know each other. You start talking with them with no expectations and suddenly get hooked to their charm. You want to talk with them every day. You crave their attention. You don’t know why you like spending time with them.

Days pass by and you’re still talking with them every day. They show interest in you. One fine day, you notice that you both have texted each other more than 100,000 messages on WhatsApp in 3 months. You both admit that you like each other. You think that they are your future and your…

A brief overview of the Afghanistan crisis and the history of the Taliban

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The United States of America has announced that it would bring back all of its troops from Afghanistan by the end of September 11th, 2021.

President Biden said, “It is time to end the forever war,” implying that he isn’t willing to sacrifice any more American lives by making them fight in the Afghan War.

The United States of America spent more than $2 trillion over the last 20 years on the Afghan War. All of this was done to bring peace to Afghanistan. However, things did not go as planned.

There is a possibility that the Afghan government could…

Wouldn’t that make everyone rich?

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Have you ever imagined how nice it would be if no one was poor? Did a thought ever occur to you that if the government printed a lot of money, there would be enough money for everyone?

Well, that seems like a good idea, but it will never work.

The Central Bank of any country controls the amount of money to be minted for the country. The bank also determines how much money is currently in circulation at a particular point in time.

They can print a lot of money if they want to, but that will not lead to…

The process behind one of the marvels of engineering

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Bridges are one of the most marvelous wonders of engineering. Some bridges are built so beautifully that we can’t help but stare in amazement. And I’m sure that this thought crossed your mind at least once in your lifetime, “How are bridges built?”

Often, we wonder how the bridges are built above the deep rivers and what would happen if the bridge falls. How do they build such a heavy piece of engineering with only a few pillars to support it?

It is said that the construction of bridges is much more difficult than the construction of buildings. This is…

Find out why white is the most chosen color to paint commercial airplanes

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Have you ever visited the airport and notice that most of the airplanes are usually painted white. Although you may have seen many military aircraft in different colors, white is the most common color when it comes to commercial airplanes.

According to thermodynamics, white surfaces absorb less heat than dark surfaces. It also reflects more sunlight which results in the airplane enduring less accumulated heat and lowers the risk of solar radiation damage happening to the airplane.

The white color also helps in spotting any cracks and damages endured by the airplane. This color can also be spotted easily from…

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The most popular tags in Medium as of 2021

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Tags are an important part of any Medium story. Tags matter a lot. Although tags don’t guarantee your story to be viral, they certainly help in bringing views to your stories.

If you have more followers on Instagram, your posts will get a bigger reach. In the same way, if a particular Instagram tag has more followers, your stories have the chance of getting a bigger reach if you use those tags. The same applies to Medium. But Medium tags do not have followers. The popularity of a Medium tag is determined by the number of stories it has.

How do they stay safe?

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Have you ever seen birds sitting on power lines as shown in the photo above? Did you know that high voltage electricity is passed on through those power lines?

The power lines are not insulated, which means that electricity will pass through your body if you touch them. You would most likely die if you ever touch those power lines, but the birds don’t. Have you wondered why the birds stay safe even after sitting on those live electrical wires?

Yes, birds are conductors of electricity. It means that their body allows electricity to pass through it. Yet they don’t…

And be replaced by technology

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Why do people do jobs? They do jobs to earn some money. Money can also be earned through other ways too, but jobs are the most common way to go for it. Doing business has the potential to earn more money than jobs, but involves taking more risks. This is the reason why many people opt for jobs rather than doing business.

Any activity done for making money is called economic activity. Economic activities are mainly classified into three categories:

  1. Business: Business is a type of economic activity that is concerned with the production and sale of goods and services…


Can lost love be found back?

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Imtiaz was scrolling through his Instagram feed while waiting for his taxi to arrive. He had to go to the airport.

While scrolling through various posts, he saw a piece of breaking news that shocked him.

The news said that a car accident took place a few hours ago at the very spot where he was standing. A young man was crushed by a bus that was driving at a very high speed.

Imtiaz noticed a lady sitting beside him, with a pale look on her face. …


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